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Involvement of Former Police Chief Ito Sumardi and his Daughter Widya Purnama Dewi, Fabricated Charges, Intimidation, Unlawful Detention, Bribery, Extortion, Threats, Father Torn from Daughters, Business Ruined, Workers Unemployed, Export Revenues Lost, Health Problems, and, worst of all, this Disgraceful Dearth of Humanity Causes the Death of a Premature Baby During Wrongful Detention.


When Terrence Bazil Green's (a New Zealand citizen) relationship with the Indonesian mother - Siti Komariah - of his three children ended, she accused him of being an adulterer, a drunkard and of being violent towards her and her daughters. However, the police found no reason to indict Green for these alleged offences and, through her lawyer, he reached an agreement to compensate Siti Komariah for her share of the house he had built. Siti Komariah, however, in violation of the settlement agreement with Terrence Green, sold the house to Widya Purnama Dewi, the daughter of former police chief Ito Sumardi from Jakarta, for $300,000. Indeed, it was Ito Sumardi who had had Terrence Green deported for a while. Siti Komariah then used a gang of thugs to throw Terrence Green's new wife and her relatives out of the house during Terrence Green's absence. When Terrence Green returned and tried to take back possession of the house, he was jailed for breaking and entering into his own home and for wielding an offensive weapon, which turned out to be the crowbar which was only used by a local government official to break the padlock on the gate. His wife was jailed with him and, because of the stress and poor conditions of her incarceration, she gave birth prematurely and their child died.


1996. Terrence Bazil Green (New Zealand citizen) meets Siti Komariah (Siti Komariah's official identity card) in Jakarta.

23rd October, 1997 - their first daughter is born.

14th February, 1998 - the family moves to Bali.

August, 1999 – the family moves to Sydney, Australia, where their second daughter is born.

Early 2001 – the family returns to Bali from Sydney, and starts exporting wood carvings and furniture to Japan from Jl Raya Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Bali, under the name Export Bali ( Soon the company is also exporting to other countries. Payments are received into an account in the name of Siti Komariah, who also works as Terrence Green's secretary.

2003 – Export Bali moves to bigger premises at Siligita in Nusa Dua, and the business thrives. Siti Komariah and Terrence Green enter into an unregistered marriage (nikah siri).

2006 - land is purchased in the name of Siti Komariah (as a foreigner, Terrence Green could not own land in Indonesia) at Jl Tanjung Biru I No.1, Taman Mumbul, Nusa Dua, Bali (Land Certificate) and a house constructed on it (Building Permission). Building costs soar and a mortgage for $300,000 is taken out with Bank Panin in Siti Komariah's name and is paid off within two years from the profits of Export Bali.

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22nd February, 2006 – the couple's third daughter is born.

2007 - Siti Komariah joins a short-lived local women’s religious group and her relationship with Terrence Green begins to suffer, in the same way that several other mixed-race relationships subsequently do when the female partner becomes a member of the same religious group.

16th October, 2009 - Terrence Green returns home to find Siti Komariah, his three daughters, two cars and a large amount of money have disappeared. Months later they are located in Semarang, Central Java.

March, 2010 - Terrence Green visits his daughters' school in Semarang, but his picture is displayed at the security post and armed police are called. He manages to sit with two of his distraught and reticent daughters for half an hour; but they do not contact him after he leaves, despite his assurances and pleas. It transpires that Siti Komariah told the police Terrence Green was intent on kidnapping the three girls.

April, 2010 - Terrence Green meets Sasha Firginia; both are traumatised by failed relationships.

May, 2010 - Terrence Green is summonsed to Polda (the provincial police) in Bali, and is interviewed regarding Siti Komariah's allegations that he insulted Islam and beat her and his three daughters. There is no case and the matter is eventually dropped. Siti Komariah makes the same allegations in the media, but in the capacity of Terrence Green's employee.

June, 2010 - Terrence Green is called to the Immigration Department, interviewed and released.

July, 2010 - Siti Komariah returns to Bali and enrols the two eldest children in a school; but Terrence Green is refused access until a few weeks later when he is granted very limited access to his two eldest daughters only.

January, 2011 - Over several months, Terrence Green meets with Robert Khuana, Siti Komariah's lawyer, and signs a Settlement Agreement to pay Siti Komariah $325,000 for her share of the property at Jl. Tanjung Biru I No.1, Taman Mumbul, Nusa Dua, Bali. The agreement stipulates that any sale of the property must be by mutual consent of both parties.

29th January, 2011 - Siti Komariah attempts to replicate Export Bali without success.

July, 2011 - Terrence Green is called to the immigration office at Nugura Rai Airport, Bali, and is interviewed at length about his employment status. His work permit having expired a month previously, he is charged with working without a permit and, quite irregularly, but on the orders of a very senior official, is deported. Terrence Green is informed that Siti Komariah alleges he committed adultery upstairs while forcing his family to live downstairs in their home, was an alcoholic and was regularly violent to her and the children. Terrence Green categorically denies this.

8th August, 2011 - Terrence Green stays in Thailand for a week, while a visa is arranged for him through immigration officials at a cost of $25,000 and he can return to Indonesia having been removed from the Immigration Department's blacklist.

17th August, 2011 - Terrence Green returns to Bali; but is arrested at his home by immigration officials two days later. He is detained in the immigration detention centre in Jimbaran for 9 days. On being released, he marries Sasha Firginia and leaves for his home country, New Zealand, the next day. However, that morning, before he departs, the local operational unit of the police (Polsek) arrive to investigate a complaint made by Siti Komariah that Sasha Firginia is residing unlawfully at Jl. Tanjung Biru I No.1, Taman Mumbul, Nusa Dua. Terrence Green shows them a copy of the Land Certificate, his settlement agreement with Siti Komariah and a Power of Attorney giving Sasha Firginia the right to his assets in Indonesia during his absence and the police leave. But for the subsequent four months Sasha Firginia is obliged to attend on Polsek weekly.

November, 2011 - Polsek inform Sasha Firginia that no action to remove her from the house will be taken.

3rd December, 2011 - Siti Komariah arrives at the house with about 50 thugs brandishing weapons that include guns and knives, and physically remove Sasha Firginia and her two young sons aged 6 and 8, her mother, sister, her sister's husband and their 12-month-old child, depositing them barefoot on the gravel in the road outside. Sasha Firginia calls the police; but they merely observe from a distance. Foreigners who try to intervene on Terrence Green's behalf are threatened with deportation.

4th December, 2011 - Sasha Firginia lodges a complaint with the local police against Siti Komariah for assault, producing evidence in the form of a hospital injury report.

10th December 10 2011 - Sasha Firginia is called to attend on the local police. Siti Komariah wants the couple's car, which is in her name, to be handed over to her.

14th March, 2012 – Terrence Green returns to Bali to be told his house has been sold to the high-ranking police official in Jakarta that insisted he be deported, although no evidence of any such sale seems to exist. Terrence Green's belongings and those of his wife, Sasha Firginia, are missing, as are some goods relating to orders from his business. Siti Komariah and their daughters cannot be located.

22nd March, 2012 - Terrence Green goes to the house at Jl. Tanjung Biru I No.1, Taman Mumbul, Nusa Dua, with two detectives from POLDA, Denpasar. Three thugs inform them that the house has been sold to Ito Sumardi, a retired high-ranking official in the police.

April, 2012 - Terrence Green lodges an official complaint with POLDA, Denpasar, against Siti Komariah for theft of his missing possessions and the fraudulent sale of his residence.

May, 2012 - Terrence Green's eldest daughter runs away from her mother and goes to live with her father.

1st June, 2012 - Siti Komariah opens a new business – - and a new shop - Lamansa Bali - with her new partner Nico Vrielink a Dutch painter and resident of Bali.

6th June, 2012 – checks at the Provincial Police (POLDA) law department, various government offices, the provincial land registry, etc. produce no records of any sale of the house and some 20 lawyers agree the settlement agreement is valid under Indonesian law.

7th June, 2012 - accompanied by his lawyer, city officials, local officials, police, soldiers and reporters from the Corruption Eradication Commission, Terrence Green visits his residence. Three people are there doing some renovating and, after some negotiation, grant access. Later more arrive who state the house has been sold; but are unable to provide any evidence. When asked to leave they do so. The reporters from the Corruption Eradication Commission and Terrence Green stay overnight guarded by local soldiers. His and Sasha Firginia's belongings are found in the maids' quarters; but 80% of the house's furniture has been removed. Large drums of paint and a guest book are discovered bearing the name/rank of a retired high-ranking police officer from Jakarta, namely Ito Sumardi.

8th June, 2012 – all left in the morning after padlocking the gate; but returned with local officials and police at about 3 p.m. to find a different padlock in place. One of the local officials breaks this with a crowbar and all enter.

9th June, 2012 - at approximately 6 p.m. 37 police officers in civilian clothes arrive, many unwilling to show any identification. No proof of sale of the house is provided when requested. After a couple of hours of intense negotiation, Terrence Green's group is told to leave under threat of arrest and they do so.

19th June, 2012 – Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia are summonsed (Summonses for Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia) to POLDA on 22nd June.

22nd June, 2012 - Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia arrive with their lawyers to make their statements. Sasha Firginia's is completed, Terrence Green is told to return the following Monday to complete his.

25th June, 2012 - Terrence Green, Sasha Firginia and their lawyer go to POLDA and Green is interviewed at length about his activities and the reasons for them. He is finally shown a Bill of Sale, which is dated as recently as the 9th June. No copy was given to Green or his lawyer when requested. The Bill of Sale shows the house was sold to the daughter of Ito Sumardi, namely Widya Purnama Dewi and, apparently, the price was just $300,000, whereas the land and house are estimated to be worth about $2 million.

At 11 p.m., in violation of Indonesia's criminal procedure code (KUHAP), Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia are arrested for 'breaking and entering' and, additionally, Green for 'threatening with a weapon', namely the crowbar used to break the padlock on the gate of the house. Video evidence and sworn statements from the reporters of the Corruption Eradication Commission contradict the latter charge. The allegations were made by Widya Purnama Dewi on 7th and 8th June. An arrest warrant was also issued for the local government official who broke the padlock, but was not executed. Terrence Green protests that Sasha Firginia is pregnant and produces an ultrasound scan image. Sasha Firginia is taken to a nearby police hospital for a test. She returns after 20 minutes having been told the result was negative. Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia are locked up in the POLDA cells for the mandatory 20 days.

5th July, 2011 – Terrence Green learns from his lawyer that one of the arresting officers has made a request to the Immigration Department to deport him and to keep Sasha Firginia in jail to ensure their silence. The Immigration Department denies the request.

7th July, 2012 - Sasha Firginia, now 4 months pregnant, is taken to the police hospital after vomiting blood and remains there for a few days.

13th July, 2012 - Terrence Green's and Sasha Firginia's detention is to be extended by 40 days.

16th July, 2012 – Sasha Firginia is continuing to lose blood.

19th July, 2012 - Sasha Firginia is taken back to the police hospital bleeding profusely and dilated to stage 1.

21st July, 2012 - Sasha Firginia's condition improves.

24th July, 2012 – Terrence Green's lawyer again blocks any sale of the house via the land office and obtains more evidence of the illegal sale. Via his lawyer, Terrence Green learns the police have made another request for his deportation, but the request is again denied by immigration officials.

26th July, 2012 – Terrence Green manages to gain access to Sasha Firginia's cell where he finds her comatose and in a pool of blood. She is taken to hospital where she is given a transfusion of 3 packs of blood before supplies run out.

30th July, 2012 - Terrence Green is transferred to hospital for some 'rest' and to be near his suffering wife, after making a payment of $500 to his police captors.

1st August, 2012 - Sasha Firginia bleeds heavily overnight and the doctor recommends she has complete bed rest. Terence Green suspects foul play, diagnoses Placental Abstraction, pays for more blood for his wife and does his best to nurse her. At 6 p.m., after more blood loss, the doctor advises that he wishes to terminate Sasha Firginia's 5-month pregnancy by inducing the birth using an infusion. Not trusting the police hospital, Terrence Green calls the Robin Lim birthing organisation which sends midwives. Green eventually gets an ambulance to take Sasha Firginia to Prima Medika private hospital after telling the police they would have to shoot him if they wanted to stop him.

3rd August, 2012 – Terrence Green is returned to his POLDA cell, but feels his wife is now in safe hands.

4th August, 2012 – at 1.15 p.m. their daughter, Tarisha, is born 4 months prematurely; but dies after just 10 minutes.

6th August, 2012 - Sasha Firginia is returned to her cell.

9th August, 2012 – at 3 p.m. Sasha Firginia is released from prison on bail. Terrence Green's request for bail is denied.

23rd August, 2012 - Terrence Green is released on bail at 2 p.m.

3rd September, 2012 – Terrence Green commences a civil suit to recover the losses incurred from the fraudulent sale of his property, by his deportation and the subsequent loss of business.

17th September, 2012 - – Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia must report, as they do every Monday, to POLDA Bali in order to comply with their bail conditions for fear of having new bogus charges levelled against them.

15th October, 2012 – the civil court case officially begins and takes about 15 minutes. The judges ask for mediation between the parties to take place on 22nd October.

22nd October, 2012 - no one from the other side turns up for mediation.

29th October, 2012 - no one from the other side turns up for mediation.

5th November, 2012 - no one from the other side turns up for mediation and the judge orders depositions for 12th November, 2012.

12th November, 2012 – the plaintiff's lawyers ask for more time and are granted a week.

19th November, 2012 – the lawyers for the defendants submit a deposition and the judge sets a date for presentation of evidence.

4th December, 2012 – the civil case is adjourned until 3rd January, 2013.

Mid-December, 2012 – a new summons is received from POLDA Bali.

20th December, 2012 - Terrence Green's and Sasha Firginia's lawyer inform POLDA his clients will not be appearing due to illness. To date, none of the official complaints made by Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia against Siti Komariah to POLDA Bali regarding the assault and theft of their personal belongings have been answered.

17th April, 2013 - Terrence Green is awarded a 50% share of his property by the panel of judges. Siti Komariah duly appeals. Ito Sumardi sends emissaries with a deal that could enable Terrence Green to purchase his own house from him for the sum of US$ 1 Million.

Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia travel to Jakarta to file complaints with Marbes Polri against: 1) Ms Komariah for the forgery of her second daughter’s birth certificate, stating she was born in Indonesia rather than Australia. 2) Antam Novamba and his investigators for the illegal arrest of Sasha Firginia and the subsequent loss of her child. Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia are informed that, because their official complaints in Polda Bali have no conclusion, they cannot pursue these stalled proceedings in Jakarta.

August, 2013 - Siti Komariah and the expatriate she had an adulterous affair with during her marriage to Terrence Green, marry “Nikah Siri", despite the fact that her new husband has not divorced his lawful wife, who now resides in Europe.

A year after their release from prison for the crime of breaking and entering into their own home, the case is still unresolved. Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia are technically still on bail, although they no longer have to report on a weekly basis.

Terrence Green's civil action against Siti Komariah and the named buyer, Widya Purnama Dewi, result in confirmation of his rights to the ownership of his assets. It transpires that the breaking-and-entering complaint was not made by Widya Purnama Dewi, but by Ito Sumardi, hiding behind his innocent daughter's name, whilst pulling strings, issuing orders and, in so doing, causing the premature death of Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia's unborn daughter.

Sasha Firginia is called to Polda Bali by the Director of Reskrim Unit II, and informed that he and his associates wish to make amends and return all the personal belongings they have held for two years, on the condition Terrence Green and Sasha Firginia apologise.

Later, Sasha Firginia is again called by the Director of Unit Reskrim II, who apologises for the death of her unborn child. He promises to make amends, but nothing happens and he even creates a contrived obstacle to further meetings, citing suspicions that they might be having an affair!

Terrence Green's deportation by design, his return and Sasha Firginia's loyalty, apparently were not part of the Grand Plan. The Bill of Sale for Terrence Green's property, worth billions of rupiah, blatantly in the name of a close family member of a retired civil servant, should have raised the concerns of corruption investigators, but fails to do so. Instead, justice continues to be thwarted by players in high places, using their influence to cover their tracks and protect their illegal activities. Ironically, Ito Sumardi is appointed ambassador to Myanmar. Cases in the corruption court of police generals and others entrusted with positions of power, amassing vast unexplainable wealth, continue to dominate the daily news. Corruption and, thus, wholesale theft by the powerful, remains rampant in Indonesia.

14th February, 2014 Siti Komariah is convicted and sentenced to 3 months in prison for assaulting Sasha Firginia during the unlawful eviction from Terence Green's house on 3rd December, 2011.

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